Sound Reinforcement
Every event can use a little sound. Although High Level has a major focus on rental services for weddings, events, dinners...
We also have setups that meet the need for all types of functions. We design, sell and install sound systems and high end products to meet our customers' needs.
Dynamic Lighting
In addition to the best sound available for your event, High Level offers intelligent lighting that can fit into the theme of your event. Our goal is to enable our customers to create lively and attractive environments through the use of dynamic lighting and visual effects.
Visual Effects
At High Level, we advocate that an event is more than quality sound. An event is made of many integral parts that comes together to create a show. Visual effects technologies have advanced tremendously in the past few years and have found its place in partnering up with sound.
Effect Machines
We constantly look for new ways of using special effects to enhance performance and create entertaining atmospheres for the events. We use machines, fluids, controllers and accessories to produce many kinds of non-optical effects, allowing the integration of smoke with light and other special effects to get maximum impact.
Stage construction
In addition to the sound reinforcement, dynamic lighting, visual effects and effect machines, we provide stage construction services. Our team is able to undertake special projects requiring custom stage design and always offer the correct solution for any of your staging needs. Our aim at High Level is to provide an efficient and cost effective solution to your event. We are continually striving to improve our services and products, in order to create premium services to our customers and clients.
Our Brands